MODEL : 1224(S)
Detection range between 5M and 100M.
To ensure sensitivity and quality professional technicians can be contracted to provide regular cleaning of the sensors.
UL certified.
Product Model BEAM1224 BEAM1224S
Product Type Projected Beam Smoke Detector
Projected Beam Smoke Detector (Integral Sersitivity Test)
Operational Voltage DC 10.2~32 V (requires power-on reset circuit) DC 15~32 V (requires power-on reset circuit)
Operational Current

Alarm Current Max 38.5m A @ DC24
Quiescent Current Max 17m A @ DC24 V
Fault Current Max 8.5m A @ DC24 V
Alignment Mode Current Max 28m A @ DC24 V

Coverage 16 feet~328 feet (5M~100M)
Sensitivity 25%、30%、40%、50%、30%~50%、40%~50% obscuration
Operational Temperature -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Fault Condition 96% or more obscuration
Indicator (LED)

Alarm: Red LED
Fault: Yellow LED
Normal: Flshing Green LED    Alignment Aif: Optical gusight
                Integral signal strength indication     2-digit display

Manual Testing Device RTS-451 KEY   (to pick out and buy Equipment)

Dctector Dimensions W191XH254XD84(mm)
Reflector Dimensions (10~70M) W200XH230(mm)
Reflector Dimensions for (70~100M) W400XH460(mm)

Humidity 10%~93% RH Noncondesing
Commed UL