The component of the electric circuit adopts CPU and SMT technology, small size, high precision and stability, also low power consumption.

Transmitter projects beam signal every 3 seconds to check any smoke caused by fire, when smoke density reaches the present standard, the receiver will confirm the signal for 16 consecutive times (once every 0.3 sec), control panel will then receive the fire signal after consumption is made.
Detector has a monitoring LED light operates every 16 seconds (flash) during standby status. When there is smoke (reaches operating standard), detector will issue fire signal after 16 consecutive times of confirmation on every 0.3 second, if any dust cause flashing or inconsecutive signal, it will go back to normal operation after the 32 times.
This detector is developed attentively by our company, and new style is created, LED light is added to the main body, which help identify the normal operation or movement in 360.
Insect guard is made of stainless steel that is 0.5mm aperture to prevent the invasion by insects and dust, and decrease the chance of false alarm.
The water discharger is installed on the main body of the detector to eliminate the false alarm and breakdown caused by accumulated water.
This detector has passed strict quality control and repeated tests, which has stable quality and high reliability.
Type A
Type B
Type C
Operating Density 7.5% within 30 sec 15% within 30 sec 22.5% within 30 sec
Operating Current DC 24V 30mA
Monitoring Current Monitoring Status under 60µA
Voltage DC 9V~DC30V
Polar Non-polar
Ambient Temperature -10C~+55C
Humidity 10~95%
Material Fire-proof plastic (V-0)
Size 110mm (diameter) x 44/45.5mm (height)
Weight Approximately 135g
Color Ivory